Passion and Inspiration

Life is so short and we are all moving along, trying to get to the next place or goal as quickly as we can. Memories, feelings, and time can be so fleeting. To me, photos don’t just represent a face or objects- they represent feelings or memories that we’d like to capture for a lifetime.

About Me

Landscape and Nature

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My pride and joys keep me on my toes!  They are the very reason I have recently pursued my passion more.  Cooper is my little dinosaur obsessed, country boy and Carleigh is my sweet little spitfire.  By pursuing my passion, I hope to show them that there is a world of possibilities when you believe in your dreams and trust in yourself.

I have an incredibly supportive husband and two larger than life children.  Dustin is incredibly hard working. He works for a large farmer in northeast Nebraska as a mechanic and operating machinery in the fields.  We live a simple life surrounded by our family and friends.

Just a small town girl from Hoskins, Nebraska, my passion and inspiration for photography comes from childhood memories of being in nature. Anytime I could, I'd tag along with my brothers, cousins, and our friends in the grove of trees behind our house creating adventures and forts.

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