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A good snap to the ear brings a smile to my face

My favorite flower growing up has always been snapdragons and I still love seeing this little puff balls of color. My mom would pluck the flower and stick them on our ears and tell us they were "earrings". Anytime I see them, I instantly think about running around giggling in the summer sun with our silly earrings. I recently planted some of these beauties by our door in the new house so that each day, they bring a smile to my face.

Snapdragons have a variety of symbolism depending on the country and color- but I'm going to chose focusing on the good symbolism:) The gist of these fluffy balls of color is that they portray grace, positivity, and confidence. Because this plant is said to be able to grow in rocky soil, they represent beauty under pressure.

It's always good to research whatever you read to look at both sides, but the side that you relate to says more about you than the actual subject itself and I think that's why I chose the positive definition verses the negative- snapdragons have a positive role in my life.

Positivity, love, kindness- it's all a choice. We can chose to be happy, chose to see the good even when we know there's bad, hate and evil. What do you want to portray to the world? I'll chose my silly earrings over the bad any day of the week. Because friends, smiling is always so good for the soul.

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