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A prickly experience can be the best lesson

We've all encountered someone who instantly irritates you. That person who every time they converse with you, every negative emotion bubbles up inside of you. My irritation level is rising just thinking about it!

I know a few people who have the same effect on me and no matter how much I remind myself that they have no power over me, I still get kicked off my happy balance. I have a note next to my computer that says, "Take back your power. Don't let other's lousy moods bring you down. Your choice to be happy shouldn't change because they've chosen to be miserable." Here I am today, letting someone else dictate my mood. My thoughts scream, "if I have to be nice, why can't they?" The worst part? I know that those individuals will justify their behaviors and stand by their words. They will say that I am taking things too personally and that I am letting my emotions get the best of me. Then, I get more frustrated because I realize that they are right. I have put a barbed wire fence between myself and them, rather than understanding that we are on the same side.

If you've been raised around barbed wire fences, you know how nasty those edges can be. If you aren't careful, those prickly spikes can turn a simple process into a painful experience. The photo below has a red side and a blue side that is separated by the barbed wire. Personally, I think the photo needs both sides to show the beauty of the photo. My brain doesn't look at one color and think, "that makes the photo better." I see a background that enhances the focal point and makes the wire stand out.

When our personality clashes with another, focus on what matters. Their tone or their words might seem negative but concentrate on the points of the conversation, then allow yourself to see the situation through their eyes. Use the experience to help you grow and become a better person. Don't make a situation about them, look at the entire picture and focus on what you are supposed to. I strongly suggest keeping your boundaries but keep your eyes open to the opportunities to be a better person.

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