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Appreciate your own rays

Society has become obsessed with recognition. Others are supposed to recognize everything we do, everything we are, and everything we're not. Recognize that I am thin, fat, black, white, different, normal, talented, lost, woman, man, binary, democrate, republican, liberal, who you're friends with, you wouldn't be with, etc. Others are supposed to recognize and respect for whatever label we want. I do feel that everyone should always be treated with respect and appreciation. Others who are different or have different views fascinate me- don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate them because I feel that they make the world more interesting and colorful.

But what about you? Do you recognize who you are, what you do and what you're not? Do you respect yourself for what you do and say? I truly feel that we've lost our own rays. We've lost the appreciation for our own accomplishments because we don't have enough followers or likes or comments or whatever! We are so wrapped up with wanting people to agree with us that we've lost sight of something really important. Our own happiness is the only thing that matters.

My 4 year old was crushed the other day and wanted to throw away all his dinosaurs because someone told him that dinosaurs were stupid. His favorite thing in the world was challenged by someone else with a different opinion. After some candy, some hugs (hey, mama's heart broke too), and a little snuggling, I had to remind him that it was ok for people to like different things. His Daddy is full on John Deere and his grandpa loves Red, but we love them both just the same. He giggled, gave me a kiss, and went on playing with his dinosaurs as normal.

If I only had my blog, website, and facebook page so I could have a million followers (ok, that'd be pretty cool)- I think I'd be pretty disappointed with myself. My goal has always been and hopefully will always be to try share my sunlight and positivity with the world. I love that I have followers and love seeing when people "like" my photos or share them- not because I want them to tell me they are good- because I am talented- but because I hope that my sunlight can give them a little ray of happiness, because I am so happy and proud of my talent that God blessed me with.

Be happy with how far you have come, with all that you are doing, and all you want to do. Be happy with you in your own perfect sunshine because no one else can be happy for you. Others can always be proud of you, but nothing compares to your own self pride.

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