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Beautiful Chaos

“Look deeper through the telescope and do not be afraid when the stars collide towards the darkness, because sometimes the most beautiful things begin in chaos.”

Robert M. Drake

"Mom, you've been cleaning for 70 hours. Let's do something fun!" My 4 year old dramatically whined on Saturday afternoon during my "spring cleaning marathon" weekend. In his defense, I had cleaned all day Friday and all Saturday morning and even I was losing motivation. I'm not exactly what you would call a neat freak. I would much prefer spending the weekend with family and friends or playing with the kiddos around the house. But after several busy weekends away, weeks of being exhausted (thanks to my 2 years old who apparently hates sleep), and no motivation to clean in the evenings, my house was beginning to look like a bomb went off. I adore my weekend snuggle time with my kids and love doing new things with them that we normally can't during the week. So spending an entire weekend cleaning isn't exactly my definition of fun. But I had to give up the snuggles and fun to create a little order in my house.

Sometimes, it's ok to break free from the chaos of life so that you can enjoy it! Sometimes, you need to force yourself to take the damn break. Take a step back from it all and give yourself a little TLC. How often are you replaying your list of things that must be done? Or count the seconds until you can enjoy peace and quiet? How many of you are so sick of the structure and expectations? Removing yourself from those types of boundaries, allows you to take care of yourself and find appreciation for the structures and expectations. How are you supposed to enjoy the journey if you have your eyes on the road 100% of the time? How are you supposed to get to your destination (safely) if your eyes are focused everywhere EXCEPT the road? It's a balancing act you need to find that works best for you.

Embrace the chaos or try to control it, but always figure out a way to appreciate it. Learn that chaos is a part of life and remind yourself that there's beauty to be found in it.

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