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Beautifully broken

You know the saying that says, "One man's trash is another's man's treasure"? You can be looking at something and think it's useless and broken, then someone else comes along and finds the potential, gives a little TLC, and VOILA- it's beautiful. How often do we see that happen on HGTV or pinterest? How often do we see something and we want to make something ordinary, to extraordinary?

Do you ever put yourself in that situation?

"I'd be a better person if I just......",

"Everyone tells me I'm too:


emotionally distant







and the list goes on and on

My husband and I are 100% opposite. I'm loud and he's quiet, I freely express my emotions and God bless my husbands soul- he has one emotion. I frequently hear variations of "how do you make it work?" It's pretty easy actually: we love and support each other. The part that is hard is reminding each other of that when we face difficulties.

I know that he loves me in my weakest and worst, and I love him when he's quiet and distant. Qualities he has that may annoy others, make me admire him most and the difficult parts of me, he handles with patience and encourages me to do better.

We don't see each other's flaws, we see each other as a partner who complete's our marriage. Don't get me wrong- we drive each other crazy 89% of the time.

Look at yourself the same way. Your flaws are just a part of you and make you who are. Those who truly love you and appreciate you see someone who is beautiful- so you should too. Embrace yourself and shine for the world.

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