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Cast all of your anxieties on him...

*****Warning: Sensitive Information below*********

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it doesn't get enough recognition. 90% of those who died by suicide had a diagnosable mental health condition at the time of their death. On average, 132 Americans died by suicide EACH DAY. 40 million Americans over 18 years old are affected by Anxiety disorders and 264 million people are affected by depression.

There is such a stigma surrounding any sort of mental illness that needs to end.

My message today is simple: Pray and be kind. Pray for those who are affected daily by these illnesses. Pray that God keeps angels watching over them. Be kind to everyone around you because you never know what they are facing. A simple hello, smile, or compliment might be the only brightness in the dim of their day. This world is harsh, times are uncertain, and media is overwhelming- a smile and a compliment go a long way.

I have an anxiety disorder and have experienced postpartum depression. I am not looking for pity on me, but I want to let others who have or are experiencing these illness- YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. You are a perfect gift from God. If you need help, there are ways to seek it. It's so easy to say, "let God carry your worries" but so hard to practice. But it's so much easier than trying to control everything around you.

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