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Comfort and Joy

What does Christmas mean to you? Is it a time of excitement? Dread? Anxiety? Resentment? Do you wrap presents with a sense of excitement as you anticipate the moment the receiver sees the gift? Do you find comfort in the familiar traditions the season entails? Most people would say to wrap that all up in a pretty bow and that sums it up. The older we are, the less we say "comfort and joy" and "stress and anxiety" right? I've spent some time looking at other blogs titled, "what does Christmas mean to you?" Most of the posts involved all the emotions I have mentioned, but one post stuck out to me. A third grade classroom provided their answers to that question. Almost all of them mentioned "family" and "Jesus's birth". Of course many of them mentioned toys and presents as well, but to see that one 8-9 year old's put family and Jesus first? That is pretty beautiful. They don't list emotions or emphasize on the to-do lists that many adults list. They stated the two important centers of this season.

In a world of hidden messages and opposing perceptions, it's easy to understand how feelings of resentment and dread can exist. We all do our best to try to bring alive the Christmas magic or to project our perceptions of what Christmas means to us individually that we forget that it's actually quite simple. Comfort, joy and love should be at the center of the Christmas magic- and that can be found in Jesus and family. We get caught up in the excitement of doing things "bigger" or doing things "best", that we neglect the biggest reason for Christmas and the best ways to celebrate.

May your Christmas bring you comfort and joy, surrounded by your loved ones and comfort in Jesus's birth. May your hearts be filled with joy and happiness in the days to come as your thoughts and time are spent with family and friends. May God bless you as we celebrate our Savior's birth.

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