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Don't always listen to the voices in your head

For some, it’s very easy to trust themselves without hesitation. They know what they want, how they are going to get it, and never stop to doubt themselves. They blow right past the doubters, the obstacles, and whatever comes between them and their goals. It’s hard not to admire and envy those types of driven people when you’re someone who cannot figure out what shirt to wear each day, let alone be able to trust yourself to make the right life decisions.

When you don’t have the confidence and trust in yourself, you typically try to research everything and talk about your situations with anyone who will listen, right? It’s easier to listen to other people’s advice than it is to take the steps on your own. It’s like you constantly hear the doubtful voices in your head over and over. Those voices are so loud that you can't hear your own voice saying, “this is what I want and this is what I want to do.”

Nebraska is known to have some insane weather that can change instantly. We can have all four seasons in one day. Knowing that farmers still go out in the field each spring to plant their crops. Gardeners anticipate the days they can get their hands dirty to plant their flowers and vegetation, knowing that the weather and critters are unpredictable.

Last week, I rambled about my silly game app addiction. One thing I didn’t talk about is the fact that each of those games provides instant hints about what moves I should do next. Each time I trust them and fail 89% of the time. I don’t even think twice about following the hints as I cooperate time and time again. But when someone tells me that my photography is good, when I have opportunities pop up that compliment my work, I second guess it each time. I can blindly trust a silly app, that is literally designed to make me addicted to it, but I cannot trust the voice in my head and the feeling in my heart that tells me to keep pursuing my dreams.

It’s easier to trust other’s opinions, the easier and clearer paths, and a life that we are accustomed to than it is to step out of the box and trust ourselves. But none of that knows you better than yourself. Those people only see bits of what we want them to see, those easier paths won’t help you work harder, and those familiar lifestyles don’t always help you to be stronger. Sometimes, you need to push yourself above all of the doubts and obstacles and trust that you know what’s best for you.

You have the right to pursue your happiness. You have the abilities achieve those goals and dreams. All you have to do is trust in yourself and never look back.

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