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Don't define you.

For the last 2 weeks, my camera hasn't gotten out of it's bag much. I've been wanting to go out so bad, but I kept telling myself that I was busy or I had to get home to work on something, unpack, or take care of the kids. I have seen so many opportunities to capture some pretty great moments, but haven't pursed them. Last night, looking out the window and seeing this moment, I said to hell with it. I grabbed my camera, left the kiddos with my husband and walked out the door.

Photographer, wife, mom, sister, daughter, etc. Those titles are just WORDS. Letters strung together to form a word that can be looked up in a dictionary. They are pieces of a puzzle, but they do not define ME. Take out a piece of paper and write at the top of it, "Why." Don't think too hard, but put down all the why you are who you are. If someone asks you to tell them a little about you, what is the first label you give yourself? You're a parent because you have kids. You're a spouse because you have a partner. Those still aren't definitions of you. There is so much a part of you that you haven't even discovered yet. Being busy, bored, broke, rich, sick, healthy- those are statuses and those are constantly changing.

Be proud of those titles you've earned, deal with the status that life has thrown at you, but never stop embracing who you are. Don't let a status consume who you are or stop you from your pursuit of happiness. Don't let a title set boundaries between you and your dreams.

Long story short, don't be too busy with life to do what makes you happy.

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