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I may have forced my husband into going with me to get some more shots and materials. I spent the week researching prospective places to go and visions I wanted to create, and I had this attitude that I was going to get fantastic shots to add to my portfolio. As we drove, I saw a few gorgeous areas but told myself that there was better to come. Once we arrived at the Niobrara State Park, I kept looking around for the "magic shot" only to become more disappointed. I love taking photos of colorful gardens, gorgeous fall hues, and I love chasing that sunlight, but there wasn't any of that yesterday. The more disappointed I became, the less I allowed myself to think outside of my normal box.

I wasn't going to share any of this today and told myself that I was just in a "funk" yesterday. But the truth is, I was out of my usual element. I was applying the skills that I knew with the material I had no experience with. I didn't take the opportunities that I normally would because I expected things to turn out the way that I wanted.

This year, my goal is to grow my portfolio and learn more to improve my talent. So as I was thinking today of what I wanted to share about positivity and beauty, I kept thinking of yesterday. I already know that I have so much to learn as I continue to chase my dreams. I've shown that I have the talent to share, but now I need to put the work into myself to achieve success. As much as that terrifies me, I know I can do it. I know my dreams are within my reach; I have to find the courage to reach further.

Don't allow the disappointments and self-doubts of yesterday creep into today. As we strive to improve ourselves, we need to give ourselves a little bit of grace. We learn better from our mistakes and failures, we grow stronger with confidence through obstacles we face which helps us to appreciate the successes more. Don't let fear pop you into reverse and take the wheel. Turn up the music, grip the wheel a little harder, and keep moving forward.

"Embrace Failure. Missteps and roadblocks are inevitable but are ultimately an opportunity to learn, pivot, and go after your goals with new perspective." Jenny Fleiss

Here's to working harder at being better than yesterday!

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