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Dr Seuss

I hadn't originally planned to compose anything today. I had planned on sharing a photo with a quote and moving on with my day. But my heart needed to share some thoughts.

Today's feature portrays a message of "standing out" so of course the famous quote of Dr Seuss popped into my head. Why fit in, when you were born to stand out? So one thing lead to another, and I was googling good ole Dr Seuss. Many know his books and work, but do we really know information about his life? He was such an accomplished author that it is hard to see him in any other way. He actually had a very difficult life and faced many challenges. I admire Ted Geisel so much for his work as an artist and author and his passion and success for educating children. His poetry was simple to help children with reading disabilities and captivated a variety of audiences of different ages and backgrounds.

If you didn't research him, you would never have known about Ted Geisel's political views. You wouldn't be thinking of his history and the darkness that he experienced. My guess is that you'd be thinking about one of his books or quotes with a smile on your face. A man with a Pulitzer Prize, awards, accomplishments, honors and dedications.

A man with so much recognition had the power to voice his opinions and beliefs, but instead felt he needed to help in the education of children. It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become. We all have amazing things to say and great points of view, but sometimes the results are more important than our opinions.

I think I'll enjoy some Dr Seuss with my babies tonight because maybe, just maybe, his words could make the world seem right.

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