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Embrace the obstacles

Look at me doing a blog two days in a row!

I have a few minutes before my lunch break ends, and I'm feeling all sorts of upbeat so maybe I can spread it. A year ago, I never would have dreamed of starting my own website/blog. A year ago, I would have been embarrassed to share my photos. Today, it's my favorite thing to do each day.

I still have those nasty doubts and still have so much to learn. I have challenges and obstacles to tackle before I can see the glow of my goals- but today, I'm having fun! I saw this morning that some one from IRELAND- FREAKING IRELAND- visited my little website. To some, that may not be a very big deal- but this small town, Nebraska girl is over the moon. Even if that person didn't find what they were looking for or just clicked out- my website is getting out there, my DREAMS, my PASSION- it reached FREAKING IRELAND.

Whatever dreams you have, whatever obstacles you face- EMBRACE them. LEARN from them. AND THEN KICK THEIR ASS. Let those little joys put a smile on your face and give you a little more motivation and brighten your world. YOU GOT THIS.

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