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My focus lately has been so far off track lately that I'm surprised that I don't have whip lash. Stress has taken over so many aspects of my life. There's strain on my relationship to family and friends, I've developed some pretty unhealthy habits, and my poor blog and website need attention. I've been spending so much time focusing on the worries and anxieties that are looming over me that I have completely ignored the beautiful life around me.

I begged my husband to take a break last night from working in our garage to come swing with us. The kids laughed and smiled the entire time and my son kept saying, "this is so much fun!" This morning he asked me if we could end every day together on the swing. I responded with, "I wish!" to which he replied, "why not?" I actually counted the reason's why I couldn't take 15 minutes out of my evening to swing with my kiddos- and seriously, it was a bunch of lame excuses. Soon, my kiddos will think that sitting on a swing isn't fun anymore and I won't get to hear their little giggles and see their smiles.

Life is stressful, busy, and full of so many challenges that can cause us all to live in a constant state of being overwhelmed. But life is also so beautiful, full of smiles and laughter, sunshine and flowers, and family and friends. We just tend to focus on the bad instead of developing the good.

Take 15 minutes tonight to sit on a swing, front porch, motorcycle, horse saddle, or whatever gives you peace, and let those smiles and laughter carry away the negative.

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