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Falling for change..

Mother nature decided to give my area of Nebraska a taste of fall today. Sweaters out, chili is in the crock pot, and I've got my comfy warm sweats at home calling my name! None of us were quite ready for that drastic change (upper 90s on Sunday), but nevertheless it's here.

We can't control the weather anymore than we can control other people. People will do whatever and think whatever without giving anyone a chance to explain themselves. I've said it before, "Life is an illusion created by your perception and it can be changed the moment you choose to change it." I think we forget sometimes just how powerful we are if we focus on the things we can change. The storms kept my daughter up most of the night, I overslept my alarm, I had a disappointing (and expensive) eye appointment, followed by a hectic morning of work. Yes, I whined, but I wouldn't change things right now for anything. I can't control somethings, but I can change my attitude. I'm excited for the rain because that means that I will get to see my husband for longer than 5 minutes, soup weather- HELLO YUM, and fall is seriously my favorite. If I focus on the things that make me happy, the other things don't matter as much.

YOU have the power to change you. The good Lord and Mother Nature are the only ones who can change the heat of the summer into the colorful season of fall, but you have the power over you. Embrace it! Use this changing of the seasons to help make version of yourself that you love. Chase those dreams, set those goals, and have the utmost respect for yourself while kicking butts! Bad things are always going to happen, bills will always creep up, there will be many hectic days, but they don't have to ruin your day, goals, etc. If a tiny little seed can grow into a beautiful big pumpkin, then my friend, a little positive thinking can carry you straight to your dreams.

By the way- this pumpkins is pretty amazing.....

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