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Fleeting Moments

Day to day life often seems insignificant, right? Another work week, another paycheck, moments strung along and constantly fleeting by. I spent some time looking back at some old photos to share and came across the file that has all the photos I took at my best friend’s wedding. I remember knowing that the day was significant because my high school best friend was marrying her high school sweetheart. 90% of my younger years had involved the lovebirds and I was so excited to be apart of their special day. Little did I know, the day would hold another bit of significance for my future.

My husband and I often joke about the first time we met. I tease that he noticed his friend’s new combine before he noticed me, and he shrugs and reminds me that he’s a farmer. I swore that I would never date a farmer, only to find the most dedicated farmer in the world with our story starting with a combine at my best friend’s wedding rehearsal! The moment this photo was taken, I hadn't thought much of the guy I was sitting near. We were in the limo on the way to the wedding reception and I was passing around my camera as we all were soaking in the celebration. I had no idea that this single moment would change everything in my life and that I was having my first picture with my now-husband, and didn't even know his name!

Each day is filled with good, bad, and boring moments. Some are life-changing and others we wish could change, but we never really know just how important they are until they are gone. I chose “Fleeting Moments” because I love the reminder of living life to the fullest and capturing all that life has to offer. Treasure every moment, seize each opportunity, and love fiercely. Don’t spend your valentine’s day thinking about flowers, chocolates, and grand gestures. Spend the day loving life and all that is around you. Each second of your life is fleeting so cherish the moment’s that fill your heart.

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