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Happiness is a better road than leaving the world with an impact...

I read a post today that said, “100-150 years from now, someone else is going to be living in your house, own your possessions, and work in your position.”

No matter what you do with your life, that statement is so true. You’ll eventually be forgotten unless you are a celebrity or famous in some way. People might remember some moments or events in your life, projects you’ve done, or some aspects of your life. The world will only know a perspective of you.

Who’s left when you take away your possessions, successes and tragedies, titles and jobs?

It doesn’t matter. What an amazing concept to think that we are insignificant.

Your only focus should be what makes you happy, what brings you peace when you hit the pillow each night, and what propels you out of bed each morning. Cruel words, scary world events, and expectations have no place in your happiness.

I happen to think my babies and husband are the most significant people in my life; my photography is my greatest passion, my mental health is my biggest challenge, and disappointment is my greatest fear. My husband can support my passion but doesn’t feel the joy it brings me. My kiddos know I love them, but they cannot comprehend the feeling I have seeing them in pure joy. My closest friends and family know some of my struggles, but they have no idea what is constantly going through my mind. Everyone can relate to having disappointments, but everyone experiences it in different ways.

My happiness is my headlights, my love controls the steering, my passion is the road, and my challenges, fears, and dreams maneuver the pedals. Today, I choose to ignore the other cars along the highway and concentrate on the journey that is most significant to me- my own.

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