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In a world of a gourd.

I've been asked a few times now where I get my blogs and the looks on their faces when I say, "I write them" are usually pretty priceless. I draw my inspiration in many ways- the moments that lead up to a photo, life experiences, memories, or literally whatever is on my mind. 75% of the time, I wing it and revise when needed.

Who would've thunk I'd be thinking about Gourds today?! Honestly, other than seeing them as decorative pieces, I'm sure most wouldn't think much of them. They're unique and pretty during the fall season, but otherwise pretty insignificant right? Other cultures however, used them for many purposes and many beliefs. Some ancient tribes believed that when split, gourds symbolize heaven and earth with the seeds representing the creatures of the world. Other tribes used them to construct musical instruments, creating music and harmony in their communities. They were also used for medicinal purposes for many ailments- toothaches, headaches, infections, and anything in between. Gourds have also been used in soups and cakes and have high levels of protein. Some cultures used them for sports and games.

Just like with many subjects, sometimes you need to look past what you know and learn something from it. Our society often has a difficult time finding the balance of taking things as they are and putting too much thought into something, but rarely are we educating ourselves to see all sides. We often under appreciate ourselves or hold ourselves too high. We need to look past what society, families, and friends see in ourselves and show them more about what we want them to see.

Show the world how beautiful you are while being who you truly are. Don't hide your dreams and goals, but embrace them and show the world what you've got. Pumpkin spice might taste good, but you my friend were born to be more than "gourd", you were born to be great.

(Hehe, I seriously had to throw in at least one pun)

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