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Is the old new, or is the new old?

If you've read previous posts, you know that I already appreciate antiques, vintage anything, and farmhouse everything. A few weeks ago, I went to our local antique store and found something unexpected. After a few double takes, I held a canister that had my Grandparent's business logo. Their business has been open for 55 years this May, and I haven't seen a product like this with the logo before. Of course, I bought it and called my father for more information, which led me to talk to my Grandmother about the canister. In the early years of the business, they would hand out little gifts during the holiday seasons. The contents were nothing special, just a spool of electrical tape, but the logo isn't the same as what it is today, and the canister was in very decent shape for being nearly 50-55 years old.

Seeing how life was before, learning from that, and appreciating how far we've come is essential to moving forward. My grandparents have an amazing legacy that I often forget; their story wasn't so easy. Products, logos, buildings, employees, and processes changed more frequently than I'm sure they would've liked; however, their goal stayed the same. You can grow, learn, fail, and succeed while still chasing your goals. In fact, all of that is necessary in life. That little canister, like my grandparent's business, has probably had quite the journey. Now, I have so much pride for them both because they're proof that a little goal and a little ambition in the beginning, make the middle

possible and the ending so much sweeter.

The next time you feel your goals are outdated, overdone, not working, or feeling like a failure. Go back and remember how your goals started and why you started there to begin with. Refurbish your tired soul and refresh your heart. One day, you'll look back at the journey, and those bumps and rust will only make your life more valuable.

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