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Just because your branches change, doesn't mean your roots do

"I realized there's something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they're experts at letting things go."

I've mentioned before that I've dedicated 2021 to a year of growth and improvement. In the last few weeks, I have struggled to really find inspiration because I worry that I need new material or need to try new methods. I've put the thought in my head that to achieve "growth," I need to change my scenery and focus. That I need to create a world instead of showing the world, I see.

My favorite tree this weekend was splattered with snow and I couldn't help myself as I grabbed my camera. As I began to work on these photos and this tree, I looked back through the old photos I've taken of it each season. This tree sits in front of our house and has witnessed our interesting year. From the moment we purchased the property, to the work we've done on the house, and the time spent outside with my family, this tree has stood. I think I've photographed it from different perspectives, times of days, and conditions. To me, each photo is so different, even though it's the same tree.

The foundation of this tree hasn't changed, the world around it never stays the same. When we work towards improving ourselves, we often try to control outside situations rather than what is inside of us. While our roots don't necessarily change, we branch out and try to shed whatever we are holding onto. We forget that we must let things go before we can show our beauty in every way. Rather than embracing our roots and changing our perspectives of the world that come our way, we think that we can just pick up our roots and plant them elsewhere.

Improving yourself doesn't necessarily mean changing who you are or what you see. Sometimes it just means that you need to look inside yourself and embrace the world around you. Worry less about how the world looks at you and focus more on the goodness you can show the world. Become an expert on letting go of the things you cannot control and embracing the beauty that you are.

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