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Keep life simple

Today kicks off the first day of National Simplify your Life Week (google it- I swear its real). I had the best intentions of starting the week off with a new goal: wake up earlier. I had hoped that this would help simplify my life so that I could get some extra things done in the morning and it wouldn't be such a rush to get out the door in the mornings. Well.....I woke up almost 45 minutes LATE. Rushed out the door and forgot a few things at home. On top of being late, the morning has been pretty hectic and my new prioritization process got blown to smithereens... AND I realized I didn't post a single photo on my facebook page all weekend. I don't even think I've looked in my planner today....

My blog today was SUPPOSED to be focused on the goals I envisioned to make my life more simple. I had PLANNED to motivate everyone to find ways to "simplify" to maximize your life. Doing well, aren't I?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary,

Definition of simplify : to make simple or simpler: such as

a: to reduce to basic essentials

b: to diminish in scope or complexity

c: to make more intelligible : CLARIFY

I'm going to sum it up in one way, "find what matters to you the most and focus on that".

This week is meant to help you reevaluate your life to make YOU happiest. Whether you need to prioritize or declutter material things, your schedule, your friends, your loved ones or positive habits. What can you do to help maximize your HAPPINESS. Cedric Bledsoe says that, "Simplicity is the essence of happiness." Life is pretty simple, but we tend to over-complicate things. We buy more stuff, add more to our schedules, overthink things, lack time to spend with family and friends or ignore self care. By focusing on what matters most, what makes us happiest, and on positive aspects, your life becomes easier.

I woke up late because I slept like a log since my kiddos slept well after a long weekend, things I forgot weren't absolutely necessary for my workday, my morning was hectic because my coworkers needed my help or because THINGS JUST HAPPEN, and I didn't post any photos on my Facebook page because I spent the whole weekend with family and friends. My photos mean the world to me, but it was nice to have some down time with those who matter more. I can beat myself up and feel guilty or irresponsible, or I can make amends and try better.

Even when life gets chaotic or challenging, try to be better than you were yesterday and focus on matters and I promise, things will work out.

(Picture of my favorite little humans, who make me smile, even when they're being turds)

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