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Keepin it sassy....

Today's message is a little different because this little girl is 1 of a kind...seriously.

My daughter has come with me a few times now to some sessions and walking around my mom's garden while I'm taking photos (she even took a photo, with lots of help from me). She is such a beautiful little girl, but heaven help me- she is 97% sass.

She's the type of girl who is quiet around people she's not comfortable with but becomes a wild child the moment she puts her guard down. She is so ornery to her brother and definitely tries to show people who's boss- little girl is as fiery as they come. But there is a 3% of her personality that is the sweetest. She adores animals and her baby dolls, cares so much for her brother and grandparents, has her Daddy wrapped around her fingers, and has so much of my admiration.

I mention my son quite a bit in my blogs because he is constantly teaching me things about life and curiosity. This girl has taught me more about passion and happiness. She's strong and stubborn but smiles and giggles about everything. If she doesn't like something, the world knows, but when she smiles- she brightens the world.

Life According to a Sassy Two Year Old:

Whatever you're chasing- do it with unshakable determination.

When life knocks you to the ground, get back up with fists swinging.

Love your family unconditionally.

Eat as much fruit and veggies as your stomach can hold.

There are always reasons to smile and sing, do it as often as you can.

Sit back and soak in all that is around you with silence and a curious mind.

Give hugs as often as you can.

Keep life sassy, but never let the world harden your heart- because the best thing we can do for this world, is show a little kindness.

And yes, this proud mama shared her photo- its a beautiful fiery piece that I'm calling "just like her."

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