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Out with the NEW and in with the OLD

Don't worry, you read that correctly, and I meant every word.

I'm one of those few who admire antiques and old barns. Not only do those common household items fascinate me, but they also feel like pieces of art. My mother's house is full of antiques that she has so beautifully displayed throughout her house- who would've thunk that some old shoe shiner boxes would make such awesome decorative pieces? My mother, that's who:) My mother can also point out each piece and tell you about it. She doesn't need to refer to a youtube video to show how it works or use techy terms to explain what it does. For the most part, she can physically show you the simple, man-made mechanics.

Life in any decade presented everyone with challenges and difficulties to endure. Life was easy without all the technology and life is easier with technology. Social media and the internet have opened doors to new opportunities for communication and education- but has taken away face-to-face communication and good ole cursive writing. Homes and buildings are now built with so much luxury but removes our appreciation for the simple, everyday blessings that others might be less fortunate to have.

This old barn has stood through so many years of Nebraska's harsh weather as times and people around it change. Strong and beautiful even though its been abandoned and uncared for. Solid and secure thanks to a simple foundation made with a little sweat and blood, and a whole lot of hard work. The process most likely made possible with help from good friends and was once cared for with a whole lot of gratitude.

So remember on those hard days to take a lesson from this old barn. Look for opportunities around you, surround yourself with good friends, and appreciate the blessings that the good Lord has surrounded you with. Most importantly, live your life with a simple and grateful heart.

This photo was captured by yours truly with admiration and inspiration.

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