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People are flowers too

Follow your soul. It knows the way.

My lilac tree has FINALLY started blooming. Yesterday's wind and sun rays yesterday made this beauty happen. Capturing flowers and plants is my favorite work. A little bud can have so much beauty and so much detail. It's something so common that we don't stop to think about the magnificence of it. Each flower is different in every way- size, color, where they thrive, their shape, etc.

Just like people.

We are all different is so many ways, but when we all come together the world is so much brighter. Take one of us away and the world becomes dimmer. You can see that something is missing even though you may not be able to figure out exactly what.

God created us all unique and magnificent. We all look different, need different environments to thrive, and need some TLC often. Take a moment today to appreciate all those around you and thank God that he put them in our lives.

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