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I took engagement photos in my new favorite spot on Saturday and of course took a few of my favorite scenes. There's ice on the lake, frost on the ground and the trees have lost most of their leaves and that winter "crisp" hangs in the air. I can't wait to go back to that area when it snows, watch the glittery powder sparkle in the sun, see the ice change the area to a wintery dream. While I am enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having and not worrying about driving on icey roads, a little snow would make things feel more like "Christmas".

I almost feel guilty for not being more in the Christmas spirit, even though I'm surrounded by reminders of what time of the year it is. But I cannot help but to appreciate moments captured such as today's feature. This photo gives me a sense of peace in the chaos of life. The still waters, the golden glow of the sun and the sounds of nature in the crisp air makes breathing a little easier. It's like Mother Nature's gift of stillness to reflect on yourself, before Jack Frost comes to town changing the world around us.

While I hope that everyone can find the Christmas magic in their lives, especially after this year, I hope they can see the magic they have given the world this year. I hope that a stillness comes to their souls that says, "I've tried my best." An appreciation of how this unexpected time showed them just how strong they are. A hope that whatever comes next, they can make it through and a heart so full of compassion for others that they can scatter kindness everywhere they go.

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