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Renewing strength....

One of my mom's favorite show's growing up was Little House on the Prairie and whenever it was on TV growing up, we'd watch it together. I don't remember a lot about the series or the books, but I remember enough about Laura to admire her. The girl was stubborn, fearless, and always up to something.

Society has almost adopted a mind set of needing to be on the move and prove ourselves, but has anyone wondered why? Why are so many people working so damn hard to be more successful or more physically attractive, more (insert goal here)? Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that everyone should chase their dreams and pursue a life of happiness. But I don't agree that we should work so damn hard in life, that we can't stop and appreciate life. My full-time job is Human Resources and let me tell you, coronavirus has consumed my entire life. I truly love my job, my bosses, and the work I do. I'm 100% ok with working over my lunch, researching in the evenings, and doing odds and ends on my weekends if it's going to make things easier during the week. But friends, my brain has been on overdrive for FAR too long and has run out of gas. Between trying to do my best for work, worrying about my 2 minions (one has underlying health conditions and their daycare/preschool has closed during coronavirus crisis), life's new obstacles for my family, and just everyday life (for real, WHAT am I going to make for supper?!?!)- my brain has FRIED.

Sounds pretty familiar doesn't it? Right now, we are facing a time of uncertainty for our careers, family, and life and on an empty tank! I cannot stress this enough- get that brain to slow down, hit park, and breathe. I took this afternoon off to work on home life, but guess what? I found myself working on emails and work projects. They were important and I needed to take care of them, but I had to force myself to stop. I'd like to tell you that this post took 5 minutes and poof, done. Trying to type about sitting back and relaxing is hard work! But this website, my passion- it's my time to sit, collect my thoughts and feelings, and relax.

The photo below happens to remind me of something straight outta Little House on the Prairie. They worked hard to just live and provide for their families. They were grateful for the little things, because those were the things they had. Even though Laura was a constant force, even she could appreciate today's message.

Take some time to take care of yourself today because family, work, challenges and corona will still be there- but we can't invest our best selves if we are just limpin on towards the gas pump.

"I asked her for her secret and she told me that she was able to keep her health, under the strain, because she took 20 minutes, of each day in which to absolutely relax both mind and body. She did not even “set and think.” She lay at full length, every muscle and nerve relaxed and her mind as quiet as her body. This always relieved the strain and renewed her strength.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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