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Simply Smile...

Smiling is good for the soul.

I won't lie to you, it's taken me a long time to decide what I want to say today. My brain is definitely stuck in the wastelands of the Doldrums and all intentions of focus and productivity seems to have vanished.

Survival experts will tell you that the best way to escape quicksand is to take deep breaths, lay back and let gravity do its thing. Your legs will float towards the surface and you can better inch your way back to the "shore". Don't let the quicksand of your mind consume you. Take a few deep breaths, lay back and let God and life, do it's thing. Quicksand, both figuratively and literally, is a nominal, meaning that it is a role or status, existing only in name. It's not permanent and you can survive. So many parts of our lives can be summed up to that conclusion and its so easy to forget because we can't let go of the control of what we think our lives should be like.

No, I don't always think of the positive side of life and sometimes, my stress management sucks. Sometimes my anxiety consumes so much of me that even smiling seems difficult. But that's why smiling and positivity are so important to me- because we need it. Happiness is waiting for us at the shore of our minds quicksand. Take a few deep breaths, lay back, smile, and let those burdens be lifted from your soul.

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