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Sometimes, the photo chooses the words

First post of a new year and I keep telling myself that I need to have some sort of magnificent and profound theme or meaning that will engage everyone and set the tone for the new year. As I was researching and looking through my photos, I couldn't find the words I wanted to say that would match with the perfect photo. But I realized that I should try letting my photos speak to me instead of my words describing what's in front of me. There is nothing more magnificent and profound as the world around us.

Ice is so fragile, clinging to trees, glistening in the sun shooting arrays of colors around us. Makes our favorite drinks crisps just the way we like, keeps food cold until we are ready to enjoy and it's almost a necessity on those scorching summer days. But you can't underestimate the power ice can have. It's weight can topple trees, create dangerous conditions for travelers and the grave affect it can have on the human body.

This concept can be applied to nearly any topic in the world. There is a beautiful philosophy to every evil. For every mighty force, there is a weakness to it. Think about Titanic and all it's glory, only to be damaged by an iceberg.

We choose which side of the spectrum that we are on. We can decide if we have greatness or if we are fragile. Our perceptions of ourselves can make all the difference. Let this year be the year that you choose to be great, beautiful, loving, kind, optimistic or successful. You can determine your status, but you have to believe in it and set your standards towards that status. Sometimes, you just have to look inside your heart and soul to really find words.

Here's to a year of being great!

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