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Sometimes, we need a little dirt.

“When seeds want to rise they drop everything that is weighing them down.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

I'm about to get a little nutty, so please bear with me....

Have you ever stopped and thought about the process it takes for a single little seed to sprout and grow? We shove this little seed under dirt, it endures unpredictable weather, bugs, animals, and countless other obstacles. Of course there is the hard work and care that we do to help it grow. But it's when its under the heavy dirt and in the darkness that it grows its roots that are so strong that it can survive those obstacles.

When we want something and we truly believe we can overcome, we can be unstoppable also. With the right love and care and with all the hard work, we can do something extraordinary. Whether its the seeds of dreams, hopes of making the world a better place, or becoming a better person- even the weight of the world won't be able to stop you.

Don't let the dirt of the world, others opinions, or your own doubts and fears keep you down. Sweetheart, you are meant to make this world beautiful- you just have to let yourself grow.

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