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Think like a statue

Colorless, hard, unchanging. If you were to describe statues, I'm sure those terms would be in the top 10 words that come to your mind. Some are creepy, a large amount can be whimsical, and the magnificent can be found in museums. Significant individuals in history, gods, majestic creatures- all can be found in a statue form anywhere in the world. They are studied for hours, and countless research papers can be read, all so we can understand the history, significance, and the creators of such art and the power they can have on human emotion. Each curve, structure, and material are described and documented in order for others to marvel at the beauty and admire the creator's skills.

No one wants to be told they have the personality of a statue. Rigid, cold, lifeless. Today, I want you to take a lesson from a statue:

1. Always smile.

It's either going to inspire someone or make someone afraid- do it anyway and everywhere. No matter the storm surrounding you or the audience in front of you. Just smile.

2. Let the world see your emotions.

While I don't agree that you should go around with a scowl, I think that it's ok for the world to see what's going on in your heart. Having a bad day? Own those emotions. Do you want to leap for joy? Own that emotion too. We put such an emphasis on emotions that we've come accustomed to tiptoeing around them. Stop treating emotions like glass, remove that concrete wall, and show the world the beauty of being a human.

3. Don't let your beauty be the focus; bring the audience's focus back to what matters.

When you go to museums, you'll more than likely find naked statues. The point of those pieces is to show the world how beautiful the human body is- curves, flaws, and all! Garden statues don't make the garden beautiful, they add to the beauty. This world is GOOD, people are GOOD. We've just lost sight by focusing on the issues, the flaws, and the corruption. Help people to see the goodness that surrounds them.

4. The world, circumstances, and society's views will change- don't crack.

Don't let it all break you. Keep that drive, passion, and joy. Stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your dreams. Once you realize that the world doesn't care what your opinions are or how you live your life, and as long as you aren't doing harm, you'll become an unbreakable force.

5. You are a masterpiece.

Your talents, abilities, and everything that defines you- are worthy of respect and praise. Some may not appreciate your beauty, but that doesn't diminish your power. For every critic, there are five admirers. Be proud of your abilities and respect yourself. Our creator fabricated you with purpose, passion, and admiration. The same God who made the world and all the beauty in it- Einsteins' knowledge, Michaelangelos visions, Jesus' purpose- he brought you into the world because he decided the world needed you. That alone makes you amazing.

"You are unique. You have different talents and abilities. You don’t have to always follow in the footsteps of others. And most importantly, you should always remind yourself that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing and have a responsibility to develop the talents you have been given.”

Roy T. Bennett,

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