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This is my wish...

I've been pretty MIA lately with my blogs. As usual, our world has been a little chaotic. So many changes in such a short time has been overwhelming for my almost 4 year old son. His daily routine has been out of wack, he doesn't get to see his friends or our family, and all the other challenges going on has turned my kiddo into a running, screaming, tornado of emotions!

Any extra time I have at home, is trying to focus on our home life and that isn't easy, because I'm not exactly a homebody either. My husbands away and in the field so I'm a single mom in a sense! The other day, I took the kiddos outside to run off some energy and get fresh air and toted around my camera. Cooper saw this dandelion and reminded me that it was a "weed". I picked it up and told him, "but if you blow the seeds and make a wish, it'll carry your wishes to the angels". Of course he looked at me funny, blew the seeds before I could get a picture and told me he wished for some dinosaurs for his birthday as he ran away.

The one constant thing in his life has been dinosaurs and this mama is definitely encouraging his passion and imagination for those creatures. Life's crazy- and I wish I could escape to a world where anything is possible. After watching Jurassic World 15 times a day, I don't necessarily want dinosaurs to roam the world, but I do want my little man to to keep dreaming...even if it is about whatever dinosaur he's obsessed with this week!

So friends, that's my dream for all of you- keep dreaming, keep living in the world that makes you happy and may the angels bring you back everything you wish for.

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