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2020 has just blasted away everything we are used to and has set forth it's own set of rules. It has given all of us an opportunity to view life through a different set of glasses and has brought many new opinions into the world that we had never really thought about.

I come from an incredibly close family who all grew up together in the same town with a population of 300. My cousins and I had our own little world and we had a blast in it. When the holidays roll around, I always think back to those memories and those traditions. I'm pretty biased, but my family has the GREATEST traditions that I hold so very close to my heart. As we've all become older, gotten married and had children of our own- holidays look a little different, but those feelings are still there.

How many times this year did you think or say, "well normally, we would..." or "traditional, we usually..."? Especially this weekend, how many times did that type of thought come into your mind? We are all so homesick for the life we are used to, some have become bitter toward the world we are forced to be in right now. We are separated from our families, our friends and our traditions. As a person who cherishes traditions, it has been a heartbreaking year, but it's also been a very enlightening one.

I realized this weekend that even though our holidays may not be the same as they used to, they are more important than ever. The family that we used to see on a regular basis, I feel more blessed when I do get to see them. Those traditions that I have always loved, are even more precious than ever. We've taken so much for granted in the past that it's time to give them more appreciation.

Nothing will stop me from (safely) making those memories that I love so much with my kids. Decorating the christmas tree, watching those cheesy holiday cartoon, reading my favorite bible verses and removing technology and distractions to spend more time with my family. Holidays and traditions are supposed to trigger an emotional response of comfort, peace, joy and love. That's what we need to bring back to focus this season- not the negative, not the material objects and definitely not the obstacles we're facing. Let the kids be little and believe in Santa and the goodness in the world. Let your hearts, minds and actions project kindness and love to everyone around you. Isn't that what this time of year is supposed to be about? And isn't that what we all need now, more than ever? Our world has been rough this year, let's shine a light on our hearts and remind ourselves of what's most important.

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