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Turn those dreams into reality....

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other. Douglas H. Everett

I never told anyone up until about a year ago that I have dreamed of a life that I took pictures of landscapes, flowers, etc. for a living. I've dabbled with photography for almost 10 years off and on and I am so far away from being a pro or making a life out of this. But no matter how much learning I need to do and experience I need to gain, I took a leap. I started my facebook page and have tried to post everyday (might have missed a handful during our whole moving/home reno experience). I love having the accountability to continue to grow my talent and to take my skills to new levels. I love feeling that somehow, somewhere, my photos and words might touch another soul or that it may be the thing that gives them something to smile about.

Whatever your hobby is or the thing you love to do- share it. So maybe right now it's not something that'll give you the income to quit your full time, or maybe right now, you're not the greatest at it. KEEP GOING. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Work your ass off and make that dream a reality! Who said that dreams HAVE to stay a dream. There are so many opportunities in this world to make things happen- you just have to believe in yourself and fight for it. So what if Karen across the street told you that your ridiculous or your aunt Jill says your heads in the clouds and "dramatic". THEY aren't in charge of your happiness and THEY aren't living your life. They don't get to tell you to stop and they sure as HELL don't get to tell you to give up on yourself.

If my mama is the only person who reads this (I'm sure sometimes she probably is the only one who reads them), and I can make her feel good about herself- then THIS IS WORTH IT. If I'm happy and I can make ONE person happy- then that's all I need...for now. Someday, I'd love to grow my biz and take it to different levels and I am so glad I can share it with you.

And yes, I actually got to capture a dragonfly in the sunset:) might not be the greatest photo ever- but I guess that just means more practice:)

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