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You don't have to have a dream or don't seek happiness

So I watched this comedian give a speech at a graduation and while I don't agree with the wording, our philosophies do agree with one another and feel that his logic is quite profound. He said that he is an "advocate for the passionate dedication to the pursuit of short-term goals" and that we "didn't evolve to be constantly content." Like I said, I don't necessarily agree with his wording, but I understand the message that he was trying to convey.

If we are lucky, we are on this earth for 80-90 years or 29,200-32,850 days. That is such a deceiving idea, isn't it? How often do you push things off? Next year I'll lose the weight, I'll clean the closets next weekend, I'll go visit so-and-so next week. We have such a blind faith that we always have more time, more opportunities, more everything to do whatever our hearts desire all so we can be "happy." The word "happy" means to feel pleasure or contentment. We have given this one word so much power. I'll be happy when I lose the weight, I'll feel happier when I get more organized, I'll be happier meeting so-and-so next weekend. Truth is? We don't always have all the time in the world to dream of what we want to be or to be happy later. Happiness and time have become a figment of perception versus their basic meanings.

I 100% support dreams and I truly feel we all need one. But in order to purse that dream, you need goals, passion and dedication. You need that clarity of "this is what I want and how I want it." You need to set the goals and achieve them step-by-step and keep on going. Then after you have achieved whatever status you want, you still need to set goals or change your goals. Guess what? You've made it to the top of your achievements and you're "happy", but now what? You aren't even CLOSE to the goals you wanted and took a wrong direction and are pursuing a different road but you're "happy".

Dedicate yourself to being better, doing better and setting those goals while still living your life. You don't know how much time you have on this Earth, so why not start doing what you want, NOW? Why wait until something to happens to be happy? Why can't you enjoy the moments you have on this Earth? Ignore the statement, "life sucks and then you die", take back your life and tell the world, "I lived and lived in every moment".

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