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You will never be good enough

Vocab lesson today with a long message friends. We need to remember that our self worth is important- because you’ll never be “good enough”.

Definition of Enough:

· As much as is necessary; in the amount or to the degree needed

· As much as or more than is wanted

“I’m not good enough (fill in blank)”, “It’s not enough that I’m meeting my goals, so-and-so says I’ll never be good enough for (fill in the blank)’.

Definition of Value:

· The monetary worth of something

· A fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged

· Relative worth, utility or importance

· Something desirable

· To consider or rate highly

There is no value, no scale of how important you are. Don’t put some magical number or standard that applies to objects. Your feelings do matter- TO YOU. Your dreams matter- TO YOU. YOU matter to YOURSELF (and so many more people). My point is you are SO much more than “good enough” or some value. You’re amazing, beautiful, important, talented- you are YOU. Your dreams are brilliant and WORTH IT. YOU are WORTHY of your dreams.

If YOU are not “good enough”, if your dreams or feelings aren’t “good enough” for someone else- they aren’t WORTHY of your amazingness.

Definition of Worthy

· Having worth

· Honorable, meritorious

· Having importance

In case you missed that, YOU ARE AWESOME. YOU are WORTHY of all the good in the world. YOUR dreams are WORTH pursuing and WORTHY of coming true. Don’t allow yourself, your feelings and your dreams to be worthy of negativity, toxic people and self doubts. You have the power to rise above- you just have to let go of expectations.

Definition of Expect:

· To consider probable or certain

· To consider reasonable, due, or necessary

· Suppose, think

Definition Expectation

· The act or state of expecting; Anticipation

Expectations are a perception of what you feel should be or should happen. The thing is, you cannot control expectations. You “expect” others to be nice and supportive because that’s the standard you give to yourself to treat others. You “expect” others to be honest and considerate because you try your best to treat others with respect. You “expect” others to understand your dreams and help with your goals, because you try to do those things to others. While those are reasonable expectations, you still have to remind yourself that you are responsible for the disappointment and hurt you feel because others didn’t reach your expectations. You can’t control or anticipate how others will act, but you can expect yourself to follow your own standards and hold yourself high. You can control who you surround yourself with. You can control how you react. When someone “expects” you to be mean- be kind. When someone “expects” you to be perfect- be humble. When they become disappointed in you for not meeting their expectations, be considerate, but don’t let it bring you down or hold you back.

YOU are blessed and your talents, ideas and life are a blessing to this world. Change your perspective of “why are they hurting me?” to “why am I letting them hurt me?” Walk away from the negativity with a kind heart. Jesus came to the world, humble and kind and others hated him and crucified him. Even though he knew that was going to happen, he was still kind and loving. He believed that you were worth DYING for. Believe in yourself, your dreams and feelings enough to fight for them. Show those who hurt you an abundance of kindness, but let yourself shine.

Don’t expect yourself to be enough for others, but believe in your dreams and yourself- because you are worth all the joys in the world. The falling leaves are all different colors, but their colors are worth admiring.

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