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Your Dreams are more important than their opinions.

The title of today's post can be considered common sense, but it's easier said than done. People will always try to drag you down, even if it is unintentional. They will tell you that you're not good enough, educated enough, you're being unrealistic, you're being selfish or it costs too much. My personal favorite is when others just don't want you to get disappointed and instead of providing encouragement, they remind you of your obstacles and challenges. Pardon my french, but tell them to shut the hell up!

Your dreams are yours. The challenges that you face on YOUR journey are YOURS. You have to dig up your determination and FIGHT for it. Prove them wrong! Be your own cheerleader, because even the people we love the most will try to deter you. You alone have the ability to chase those dreams. Yes, there will be difficult moments and you'll have alot of hardwork ahead of you and plenty of mistakes to make.

Respect yourself enough to know you've got this. Trust in God's plan because he loves you so much that he brought you into this world and gave you these opportunities and talents.

I allowed others seeds of doubt to grow in my mind in the past- but not anymore. This photo represents so much in my life right now and reminds me of what I've overcome and where I want to be. Chin up friends, we've got this!

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